Home-Cell Groups (HCs)

Life is meant to be lived in relationship with others. When you connect within a community, you focus on others and establish meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime. At HOTLF Church, this sense of community happens in Home-Cell Groups (HCs, HC Groups). Whether it’s in someone’s home, office or a local coffee shop, you’ll grow in your walk with God, share your faith with others who don’t know Jesus, and serve together to impact the world around you. Here, we hang out, catch up, and join in dynamic discussions about spiritual truth and grow. Together we learn, care, serve and have fun!

We offer a variety of Home-Cells for families, couples, men or women, young people, college students, and teens that meet usually on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday nights of each month, but also sometimes other days of the week.

We encourage you to join a HC Group and to also bring a friend with you anytime so you can grow more in God and make meaningful connections with others.


What if I don’t know anyone else who’s there?
Our Home-Cells are extremely welcoming so soon you’ll have new friends.
I’m so busy during the week that I don’t have time for anything else!
That’s a challenge for all of us, but everyone needs authentic and transparent relationships. We can help find a Home-Cell that matches your schedule.
What if I don’t want to join in the discussion?
No problem. You choose to participate when it feels right for you.
What do I do with my children?
Bring them along with you. They can participate too. You can also bring a small quiet activity for them.
What if I can’t make it every week or meeting?
No problem! While everyone is encouraged to be consistent in attending, and we think you’ll want to, we know things come up.
Which group should I go to?
We can help you find the Home-Cell that is right for you. If we can assist you in the journey, please contact us at 570-748-6455 or contact@houseofthelordfellowship.org
Do HC Groups meet in the summer?
From June-August, HOTLF hosts annual summer picnics every Wednesday night at 6pm at Woolrich Park in Woolrich. HOTLF provides the grills and just asks that you bring a dish of food to share, and your own drink, meat, and paper-goods and tablecloth. Summer picnics are also a fun opportunity for HC Groups and HOTLF family and our friends to come together, interact, fellowship, relax, and enjoy delicious food.

We’d love to hear what you believe – and why. You’re always welcome!

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