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College Students – Full Gospel Fellowship (FGF)

Full Gospel Fellowship (FGF) – LHU Club –Sept 2016

Full Gospel Fellowship is a Christian Bible-based club for college students at Lock Haven University of PA.

Full Gospel Fellowship is at the Haven to encourage college students to discover and experience a deeper relationship with God, fulfill their destiny and calling in God, and be empowered to positively impact LHU community and the world.

FGF Theme Statement

Encounter, Encourage, Empower – know Jesus and share His love!

FGF Motto

About FGF

The passion of FGF is to encourage college students to grow in their relationship with Jesus, encounter God’s presence, build meaningful friendships, and be empowered to live out their purpose in God. Come and get established in God’s Word and let Him transform your life.

FGF is an outreach ministry House of the Lord Fellowship church (HOTLF) in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. HOTLF church is located within walking distance of the campus at 201 West Main Street, Lock Haven, PA. (Web-link)

When Does FGF Meet?

Thursday’s 7pm – LHU’s Raub Hall room 408. (Follows fall and spring academic semesters and holidays – September to May).

Why Join FGF?

Something incredible happens when you connect with other student believers and become friends. This sense of community happens in FGF with weekly meetings, Bible-studies, other activities.

Whether it’s meeting on campus, or in someone’s dorm, apartment, home, office or at local diner, you’ll grow in your walk with God, share your faith with others, and serve together to impact LHU community and the world around you.

Here at FGF, we hang out, catch up, and join in dynamic discussions about spiritual truth and grow. Together we learn, care, serve and have fun!

Come and check us out. You will discover this is a LHU club worth getting out for!

Things You Might Be Wondering About:

  • Diversity All LHU students are welcome! You will find a diverse bunch of friendly students and ministry staff at FGF. Whatever God has for you, you can find and fulfill your unique, God-given purpose here with us. Those at FGF come from different faiths and cultural backgrounds. We welcome you regardless of your background, religion or ethnicity!
  • What is FGF Denomination or Affiliation? FGF is a non-denominational, Bible-based Christian group. Our style and affiliation often identified as Spirit-filled, Full Gospel, or Contemporary. FGF is sponsored and affiliated with the House of the Lord Fellowship.
  • Club Membership FGF has open membership. You can join FGF anytime. We encourage students to be active participants and be part of FGF as much as they can. If would like to enquire about becoming a student officer or know more about officer requirements, you can check out our FGF Constitution and By-Laws or contact a FGF leader (PDF link for FGF Constitution-By-Laws).
  • Club Officers – (Fall2016-Spring 2017) Student President – Emily Corey, Student Vice-President – Philip Brinker, Student Secretary – Sierra Saunders
  • Club Leaders – Pastor John Snyder (email ssnyder@houseofthelordfellowship.org) (click on Pastor John for more info) Dave & Brenda Haines (email dwhaines703@yahoo.com and bmhaines71@yahoo.com) *(click on FGF staff about pics-bio page)
  • Club Advisors – LHU officer Robert Hall and staff member Virginia Snyder. Robert Hall is also a LHU law enforcement officer and alumnae of LHU.
  • Official LHU Club & History – Yes! FGF is an official LHU Club and has been a Campus Ministry since 1982. FGF operates in accordance with LHU Student Body Government guidelines. FGF does not receive any funds from LHU’s Student Body Government because our club is sponsored as an outreach ministry of the House of the Lord Fellowship church.

For over 34 years, FGF has encouraged college students not just spiritually but also supported students with their academic journey and life adventures. We are privileged to be part of the LHU community, LHU faith-based ministries, and FGF & LHU alumni communities.

About Our Meetings:

  • What is an FGF meeting like? Meetings on Thursdays are informal, interactive Bible-based discussions.
  • What if I don’t want to join in a discussion? No problem. You can choose to participate when it feels right for you.
  • What if I can’t make it every week’s meeting? No problem! While everyone is encouraged to be consistent in attending, and we think you’ll want to, we know things come up.
  • What if I cannot make it on-time to a meeting? No problem! We understand college schedules and life are quite busy. Just come when you can and stay as long as you are able.

What Else Do We Do?

Besides a weekly Thursday meeting, FGF has all sorts of fun adventures and opportunities to create and strengthen students friendships with Bible devotional studies, LHU Club Fairs, game nights, campfire cookouts, hiking explorations, ice cream parties and picnics, end of semester party-bashes, volunteer community service projects like: Operation Christmas Child and HOTLF missions projects and witnessing campaigns.

Where Can I Attend a Sunday Church Service?

House of the Lord Fellowship in Lock Haven welcomes all college students, faculty and staff. We would love to have you come worship with us on the weekend.
Need a car ride to a Sunday church service? We provide weekly car rides. Car pickups by FGF volunteers and officers are often at LHU circle near Field House or other areas on campus upon request. You can contact us for a pickup or more info.)


Hundreds of FGF alumni from the USA and the world have been been impacted and transformed spiritually in their faith in Jesus through FGF club.

Our FGF alumni community love telling us how much FGF impacted and supported them on their journey academically, in life, their relationship with Jesus, and helped them discover their destiny and purpose in God. Some of our FGF alumni community live in or are involved in missionary endeavors in Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico, Trinidad, South Korea, China, Finland, England, Russia, and other countries.

Connect & Follow Us on Social Media:

Join FGF Community by checking us out through Facebook (Full Gospel Fellowship) and Instagram (fullgospelfellowship)

We’d love to hear what you believe – and why. You’re always welcome!

Join us this weekend